CivicMinds Recruitment is partners with Global Law Centers, a professional Immigration Law Office processing/obtaining Temporary Visas, Permanent Residence, and Citizenship. Employers often require candidates with extensive education and training from all over the world. Global Law Centers' staff is fully trained to serve a variety of clientele requiring the processing of immigration paperwork for specialized, High Level Employees in the Corporate, Business, Academic, Scientific, Governmental, and Non-Profit sectors.

Through partnership with Global Law Centers, CivicMinds Recruitment, in addition to staffing services, is able to provide immigration legal services for the following:

  • H-1B (Specialty Occupations)
  • H-1B1 (Chile or Singapore Citizens)
  • H-1B for Non-profit organizations
  • TN (Canadian and Mexican Citizens)
  • L-1A International Transfers for Executives and Managers
  • L-1B International Transfers for Specialized knowledge employees)
  • E-3 (Australian Citizens)
  • Healthcare Occupations (SLP, OT, PT, Pharmacist, Certified Nurse Specialists, RN’s, Physicians)
  • Computer Occupations (Developers, Programmers, Engineers, Analysts, Project Management, and Consulting)
  • Business Leadership Positions
  • Financial Leadership Positions
  • Human Resources Specialists
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Accounting

While CivicMinds offers employment placement services in Medical, Engineering, Technical and Executive Level Positions, our partner, Global Law Centers handles all aspects of business immigration. Cases are prepared quickly and efficiently by an immigration lawyer who brings years of experience on his side.

We at CivicMinds Recruiment understand how important it is to attract the very best and brightest talent to your organization. In addition we also understand a shortage of qualified workers available in the U.S. For that reason our partnership with Global Law Centers is designed to address the employers need for skilled talent by being able to look outside of the U.S. labor market to recruit quality staff. CivicMinds Recruitment specializes in the Recruitment of skilled overseas workers and with our partnership with Global Law Centers, we can assist your company with Recruitment, selection, visa processing, consular processing, and support of permanent or temporary immigrant workers.