FAQs for Candidates

How does your application process work?

You will be asked to provide your pertinent information and upload a copy of your most recent resume. Once the application is completed, one of our recruitment specialists will either e-mail or call you. We want to get to know you better, and gather information about your needs and must haves. Lastly, CivicMinds Recruitment has made it extremely simple for all candidates to “apply” through our website. 

How does your status update process work?

CivicMinds takes pride in making certain that we are in constant communication with candidates. We are always providing updates to our candidates regarding any opportunities that match their background/experience. Because of this policy, we also encourage our candidates to periodically contact us directly, so that we can know their status as well.

How soon should I contact my recruiter after my interview with the Client?

First off, we strongly recommend that you communicate with your recruiter immediately after your interview. This can be a critical time frame where your recruiter can gather feedback and professionally share it with the Client. Consequently, the recruiter is able to reassure our Client about your interest and commitment to them. Remember, the interview process is extremely competitive and Clients do take notice of a candidate’s pro-activeness and attention to detail when it comes to their timely feedback.

What do I pay for your service and is it deducted off my base salary, once I am placed at your client’s company?

There is absolutely no charge to the candidate for our services. Our goal is to match you with a reputable company to benefit your growth as well as the company’s. Once you are placed, your compensation will not be jeopardized as our fees are completely separate from your base salary and is directly billed to the client.

How soon would your agency be able to place me?

This depends on the requirements we have on hand. Also, the candidate’s qualifications are important. Therefore, we strongly recommend that the candidate consistently keeps in touch with their recruiter as we tend to receive different requirements at any given time.

Does your agency provide a diversity program for candidates?

Definitely, CivicMinds strongly believes in diversity so our client companies can obtain a wide range of talented diverse employees. With their various backgrounds and work experience, these employees will effectively contribute to the company’s growth.

What type of background checks would you require?

CivicMinds is known for delivering quality talents. In order to do so, we conduct the following types of background checks per our client’s request:
• Reference Checks
• E-Verify
• Criminal Background Checks
• Education Verification
• Employment Verification

What are the main qualifications that an employer is looking for?

Most importantly, our client is always striving to hire the best professional talents in the industry. In order to narrow down on their search, they provide our agency with the top talent/personality traits and qualifications. Below are the most common qualifications and traits that any employer will be looking for in a stellar candidate:
• Strong Work Ethic
• Leadership/Management Skills
• Interpersonal Effectiveness
• Personal Management Skills
• Analytical and Problem Solutions Skills
• Team Work Skills
• Communication Skills
• Ability to Learn and Grow

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