FAQs for Clients

What is the fee structure?

Each Fee Agreement is customized according to the level/type of position and the information we gather from the client regarding requirements. We at CivicMinds strive to create the most cost effective and detailed Fee package in order to provide our clients the best talent(s) in the industry as we know that Time means Money.

Do you provide a Diversity Program?

CivicMinds strongly believes in providing diversity to our clients to achieve a competitive core business. We make it our mission to successfully provide talented professionals to our client companies by creating campaigns targeted to attract diverse candidates, through all job boards, screenings and promoting within our associations.

What Industries do you service?

CivicMinds has successfully served various companies with their staffing and immigration needs. We focus on Mid-High level positions from the Executive, Healthcare, Finances & Accounting, IT and Engineering Industries in Orange County, CA and several other cities.

What is your Recruitment process?

CivicMinds’ recruitment efforts begin immediately after receiving the official job description from our client. We aim to provide our clients with a turn-around time of 48-72 hours to deliver quality resumes for their review. In addition, we have a thorough initial qualification process in order to deliver not only a quality resume but a brief and detailed summary of the candidate’s background for our client’s review.

What types of Background checks do you provide?

Our team goes above and beyond to provide our clients with a variety of options, free of charge. CivicMinds offers background checks through E-Verify, California Board of License Verification, and use Universal Background Screening as our main source to conduct a variety of background checks upon our client’s request.

What differentiates you from other competitor Agencies?

All other agencies conduct standard recruitment services at a fixed price (fee), so we at CivicMinds have made it our mission to treat every client with the upmost professionalism and make certain that we address their needs as we know that every client is different. We work closely with our clients to create a customized plan and build a successful work relationship in order to effectively deliver and fulfill their urgent hiring needs.

How would your immigration affiliation benefit us?

CivicMinds Recruitment has partnered up with the top rated immigration attorneys to successfully assist our clients with sponsorship for their future employee(s). This is an option that we provide to our clients free of charge and is included with our recruitment fee. We focus on taking all the stress off of our clients and offer them a “One-Stop-Firm” for all of their hiring and immigration needs.

What occurs if I am not satisfied with the candidate placed by CivicMinds Recruitment?

As this does not happen to us frequently, we completely understand that not every opportunity is a complete fit for every candidate; however, it is not clear until the candidate begins working. Our recruiters take the initiative to provide our client with additional qualified resumes with the mission to successfully fill the position, immediately, free of charge as these services comes with every free package we offer.

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