Professional Recruitment Agency in Riverside – California

No doubt California made a name for itself with an abundance of citrus trees, and more specifically orange trees. By the year 1882, there were more than 500,000 citrus trees in California, and over half of them were in Riverside. Yes, Riverside County! With the booming business of agriculture adding to it’s success as a city, more job opportunities opened up in the county as a whole. One of the most successful business ventures that still stands to this day known as the Mission Inn, made a name for itself during that time period. Mission Inn served those newcomers and tourists passing through to visit the thriving city, and still stands today as one of Riverside’s most popular places to visit. Furthermore, UCR also known as University of California Riverside, is a public research university that retains thousands of bright individuals ready to enter into the areas of Healthcare, Information and Technology, and Engineering fields that CivicMinds recruitment specializes in. Where does CivicMinds come into the mix? With plenty of historical sites covering Riverside that increase the city’s sense of home and honor, CivicMinds found it a perfect location to partake in recruitment as we foster those values too. Our mission includes assisting a beautiful city like this increase productivity and jobs, with our recruitment team working very diligently in that area to keep the community bustling!

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