How to Filter Out the Best Candidates for Your Business

No company makes a business model without the intent to thrive, grow and expand, and recruit those distinguished individuals who are going to help them reach their purpose. A company can’t grow their desired empire singlehandedly either. Every great venture, whether work and business related or not, has required the assistance of many individuals to achieve that greatness. CivicMinds recruitment stands at the forefront of ensuring that our clients receive the best possible candidates, and we empower them to hand select those few who can be top contenders in the hopes to fill a position. Companies seeking to grow are not only looking for a space to fill, but an individual that mostly fulfills their requests and offers room to grow with the company and improve its overall function.

Improve Your Hiring Process

From guidelines to requirements and job descriptions, self-improvement is imperative in order to attract high quality talent. A poorly constructed hiring process will certainly not attract the desired clients. If possible, seek the help of a staffing agency like CivicMinds that operates in several areas throughout Southern California like Irvine, San Diego, Orange County, and even Las Vegas. Narrowing down geographical location and seeking candidates from areas around you can be highly helpful and also practical.

The Three R’s

Is your candidate Reliable, their qualifications Reasonable, and are they Ready? In order to grow a business sufficiently, one needs at very least   those qualities from their future candidates. In order to check for reliability, call their previous employers and ask about their job performance, whether they were diligent in work ethic and aspired to accomplish company’s goals. A client surely wants their worker to be in it for the long run and not have the job serve as a quick stop in their path to a “real career.” If candidates are constantly filtering in and out of your business, it can impede on the company’s growth. Furthermore, is the candidate you are searching for fulfilling the qualifications you listed in a reasonable manner? Looking at an individual’s experience on their resume can be the first tell-tale in understanding whether their job experience matches the difficulty of work and expertise required. An employer must think reasonably when looking to the candidate’s credentials in any field and considering them. Last but not least, is this candidate for the job informed and ready? Does your interaction with them, whether online or face-to-face, express that they are prepared to assimilate into the work environment and culture? For instance, if your company requires a team player, is that person prepared to do team oriented projects? Or if your company requires more individual work, is that individual okay with a more subdued work space? If many of these questions are answered with a yes, this client could very well be a serious candidate in the game for whatever position has been created or freed up. 


Partner with a staffing agency like CivicMinds Recruitment and we will work alongside you every step of the way to reduce the overwhelming search of finding the perfect employee for you!