The Best Questions to Ask as an Interviewer

Often times, we recognize interviews as solely constructed for the questioning of either the interviewee, or interviewer. An interview goes in both directions, as the interviewer is not only attempting to feel out their candidate, but the interviewee is also asking some questions to get a sense of what the position will be like. When the interviewer asks the right questions, the interview can follow a tremendously smooth and productive path whilst also providing the interviewer with insight into whether this candidate is serious about their role. There’s that list of typical repeated questions that every employer favors when selecting their candidates, but some questions can truly improve the quality of an interview, like the ones listed below.

  1. What are the first few things you would do here if you got hired?

This question allows the employer to recognize whether or not the candidate has done their research on the requirements of the company, and really understand the type of position they are interviewing for in the first place.


  1. How would your previous or current boss label your work performance?

Typically as an interviewer, you would have references at hand from previous positions the interviewee has held. The employer would be able to cross reference the employee’s response about their own accomplishments and positive work contributions with their previous employer.

  1. How do you like to develop yourself professionally and in terms of skill set?

This question provides further understanding into the growth potential of a potential employee for your company. If an employee is constantly taking the means to improve themselves professional and gain new talents or strengths that will assist in their job performance and productivity, their answer will support that. Employees that do not partake in actively improving themselves are less impressive than those who do.


  1. What project or assignment do you consider your biggest accomplishment thus far in your career and why?

While the magnitude and importance of the task is impressive and causes an interviewee to stand out, the best way for an interviewee to answer this question is in also emphasizing who they worked with to get there, what resources they relied on, and whether they take that title of completing an assignment or project humbly as well.

CivicMinds Recruitment team takes the time to select employees and candidates we believe would be most successful in arriving to an interview prepared to successfully answer these types of questions. By doing so, we greatly assist our clients in worrying more about the development and prosperity of their company with already properly selected candidates. This gets great hires into your door and ready to contribute in making your company an even greater success!