Modeling Your Social Media Platforms to Catch a Job

More and more employers in today’s fast paced technological world have expanded their hiring and recruitment search to checking a candidate’s online social media presence. With social media affecting the way the world interacts, there’s no denying it has taken a strong role in the occupations of hiring managers and staffing agencies alike. CivicMinds Recruitment understands the important of searching for both candidates and clients through social media platforms, letting both our candidates and clients know of hiring meet ups and possible open positions through our own social media platforms. Whether it comes to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram, Social Media opens up the opportunity for nationwide leadership and administration candidate contacts and databases to visited, viewed, and considered.

Modeling Your Social Media Platforms to Catch a Job - CivicMinds Recruitment

Here are a few steps on how:

  1. Use your preferred Social Media platform to keep in touch with possible clients and hiring executives; give them a call or message to receive updates on your hiring process or to create a name for yourself within the company you seek to join.
  1. Keep all of your Social Media devoid of profane language, racist remarks, strongly broadcasted opinions, or highly inappropriate actions. Model yourself as a professional inside the workspace and outside the workspace so employers can see you as that too!
  1. Connect with everyone and anyone who can help chances of furthering your career to the next level. The random associate you had at a previous job might acquire a new position that interests you and builds a new connection announced through their social media. Learn about those coworkers you previously had who have attained success in their field and what led them to that position.
  1. Don’t forget how important it is to actively research new job listings and postings. CivicMinds Recruitment has the great avenue of doing the research for you, but we always encourage our candidates to strive for the best and make a future for themselves too by keeping themselves informed.
  1. In an article written by Miriam Salpeter, she acknowledges and provides research on how important it is to let your personality shine through on your social media account to improve your chances of landing a job. Doing so improves one’s chances of narrowing down their job search, and makes both the client and candidate more prepared for what’s in store rather than risking surprises in being unable to adjust to work culture or atmosphere.
  1. All of your efforts to create genuine relationships, network with previous and future partners in the job search, and depiction of a well-rounded seasoned individual will eventually turn into an awesome social media profile that displays the best and real you, attracting potential employers to your account.

CivicMinds Recruitment adopts the words of a wise Amy Jo Martin who once stated, “Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand.” Do you agree?