Have Sufficient Work Experience but Can’t Find a Job?
3 Steps to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired

According to the U.S Census Bureau, Orange County has a whopping figure of around 3 million residents to date. Of these 3 million residents, 1.56 million of them are working individuals in Orange County alone. Sounds daunting for the job market, right? A candidate can have all the experience in the world and still find themselves struggling tooth and neck to find their right match. CivicMinds Recruitment Agency can be your one stop shop to identifying what companies match the best for your career goals and aspirations, but we want to take it a step further. Why not provide candidates with more information on the best ways to make yourself stand out to Orange County businesses!

Build up Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to market yourself. When applying for jobs, think of yourself as a brand that’s been built up and ready to be sold. Sometimes a list of qualifications just doesn’t do it for potential employers, and testimonials or real people who have witnessed your expertise at work can. Ask a few trusted employers to write a stellar and more importantly, specific recommendation showcasing your work and recent accomplishments. According to a blog post by Barb Darrow addressing the Network’s success as the world’s largest leading professional network, the website now harbors approximately 500 million users. CivicMinds Staffing agency not only makes our clients comfortable with finding good hires, but seeks to help candidates find the right type of job for them. Using LinkedIn along with CivicMinds Recruitment as dual tools dramatically increases your chances of not only finding the right employer, but having them contact you as well, with filters and specifications offered that give you an exact idea of what positions are out there for you to fill.

Be More Goal Oriented with Your Career

Sometimes we let our resumes sit there idly for long periods of time while on the job hunt. When searching for a job, it’s important to refresh and constantly renew your professional goals to stay on top of your desired achievements. To an employer, this signifies that you’re a dreamer that puts those dreams into action; be the first to mention projects or goals you’re currently working on. Keep yourself accountable for everything you’re attempting to achieve and make sure you have a like minded friend who keeps those aspirations on track. Whether those goals are applying to a few more jobs, learning a skill set that will help with your future career, or simply updating your job networking site, it’s important to keep those objectives steady.

Do Your Research

Ensure that you’ve done sufficient research on the company, and adjust your resume accordingly when it comes to each position you’re applying for. If there are 8 positions you’re applying for, you should not be sending out the same exact resume with similar objectives and goals to each one. Cater that information to the company’s goals and objectives as well, which you can find through following social media presences of important figures from the company who may give online advice, studying their website, etc. If you end up attaining an interview, you can demonstrate all that knowledge and wow your interviewers with your extensive insight into the company’s needs and wants.

Have you tried any of these tactics before? If so, which have proved beneficial?

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